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Benefits Of Choosing A Vinyl Pool Liner

vinyl pool linerVinyl swimming pool liners have been constructed in America for well over 60 years. And, just like any other industry, advancement in technology and materials are constantly being innovated.

Vinyl construction swimming pools looked very basic with simple shapes, white plastic coping edges, standard grey concrete decks and white plastic entry steps, just a few years ago. This look defined the vinyl liner swimming pool for years and contributed to the theory that the vinyl liner pool was not as prestigious or elegant when compared to gunite or concrete. But vinyl liner pools had the best value over the more expensive custom concrete / gunite swimming pools that were also available at the time.

Today, Pool Liner Factory Outlet offers the leading vinyl pool liners in the industry, using premium quality materials and highly trained installers.

Here are just a few advantages of a vinyl pool liner:

Vinyl liners are vacuumed into the pool structure for the best fit and finish. Today’s vinyl liners look “painted on” much like a coating. Dozens of beautiful liner patterns are available and they have become much more tasteful than the original designs that looked very cheap. These durable liners are easily expected to last 8-12 years with a replacement cost of $3,000-$5,000.00 including labor. A new liner makes the pool look new again and it is replaced in one day!

Today’s vinyl liners are available in much thicker vinyl and UV protection is better than ever. We find the vinyl liner to be very durable. Should the liner become damaged it can be easily patched with original material for an invisible repair without draining the pool water.

Because the bottom of the vinyl swimming pool is constructed on site, the builder has the ability to customize the depth and configuration of the pools bottom to meet the customer’s needs. If your new pool has a diving board, the diving end of any swimming pool construction method is regulated for safe diving. We believe a vinyl pool is a better choice for diving due to the ability to build at or above 18’ in width.

Vinyl liner construction offers larger swimming pools over fiberglass designs; it is common for a vinyl liner pool to be 16’- 18’- 20’ or 22’ wide while most fiberglass pools have a maximum width of 16’ for effective shipping with wide load permits.

Vinyl liner construction is also much less expensive; the fiberglass pool will require less labor to build, however, the structure and shipping is much more costly. We can usually build the vinyl liner swimming pool for about 15%-20% less than fiberglass when comparing the core structure and liner.
To find out more about vinyl pool liners and how you can benefit from having them installed, contact the pool liner factory outlet and a representative can help you with every step of the process. Contact us here or call us at 315-523-POOL (7665)