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Comparing 20 mil Liners and 27 mil Liners

The question of what the difference between a 20 mil liner and a 27 mil liner is a common question when it comes to vinyl pool liners. The obvious answer is the thickness of the pool liners. 27 mil liners are thicker which can help protect against rougher pool surfaces such as concrete. Here at Pool Liner Factory Outlet, we carry both 20 mil liners and 27 mil liners in a number of different patterns. There are benefits to both the 20 mil liners and 27 mil liners and we are here to explore both.

Benefits of 20 mil Liners

20 mil liners tend to have more elasticity than 27 mil liners therefore many professional builders prefer the 20 mil liners because it makes it easier to install these vinyl liners. 20 mil liners will also be less expensive than 27 mil liners if you have a tight budget.

If you have 90 degree corners in your pool, it is recommended to install 20 mil liners because 27 mil liners may be too thick for the corners and tight curves which may damage your liner.

Benefits of 27 mil Liners

27 mil liners are thicker which provides a smoother surface over abrasive floor materials such as concrete and sand. Because these liners are thicker, there will be more protection against sun exposure which makes it less likely that your pool liners will fade. 27 mil liners have good tear and puncture resistance which is another aspect many pool owners like.

Deciding which size of pool liner can be a difficult process, especially if you have no knowledge of it. Our professionals at Pool Liner Factory will be able to lead you in the right direction. Contact us today at 315-523-7665!