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How to Keep Pool Liners Clean

Pool liners, when properly maintained, add to the luxurious look of your pool. Knowing how to clean them, and what cleaning agents will work best, may depend on what, if anything, is causing your pool liner to become discolored.

Pool Liner Factory Outlet carries a complete line of cleansing agents and we will be happy to help you determine what may work best for you. Many of the items you need may already be in your kitchen cabinets or storage areas or pool shed.

The issues at hand:

Green and brown stains

Green stains most often come from plants or leaves getting in the pool or from algae. The obvious answer is to keep that from happening through maintenance and skimming. A brown-red hue is usually attributed to rust.

Proper water chemistry

This should be your first step in any cleaning process before embarking on a removal or a scrubbing of your vinyl pool liner. Keep the pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, and chlorine at 1.5-2.5. A recommended level for calcium hardness levels would be 200 to 300 parts per million; alkalinity levels should be at 80 to 100 parts per million. This often corrects any staining caused by organic matter (plants, algae).

Cleaning agents

Plain old bleach, a bleach and water combination and baking soda are generally effective remedies for stains.

What if the stains are stubborn?

Scrub. Dishwashing liquid can be effective. White vinegar will work well on mildew. Draining of the pool will be required for a thorough cleaning, and that can create other issues, so tread lightly.

Use care

Do not scrub too vigorously. Be gentle enough not to tear or scratch the lining, but firm enough to remove stains. Sponges and mops can be ideal tools for this procedure.

Your pool liner is built to last but it does require care. Keeping leaves and grass clippings out of the water helps prevent staining, as does maintaining the water chemistry. Take care of your pool and your pool liner and you will continue to enjoy pristine, crystal-clear water and a well-kept liner.