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How to Replace Vinyl Pool Liners

Your swimming pool will give you many years of enjoyment with proper maintenance. But your vinyl pool liner is vulnerable to wear and tear and will likely have to be replaced at some point, even when properly cared for.

An in-ground pool liner might only last six years, or as many as 12 or, in some cases 20. Above-ground pools might have an expected use period of five to 10 years.

A number of factors will lead to the need for replacement – sun damage and chemicals cost the vinyl liner its elasticity and its durability. It is possible for the avid do-it-yourselfers to handle replacement on their own, but trained professionals are more likely to do the job in such a way as to ensure proper installation and longevity.

The good news is that vinyl liners have changed over the years. They’re available from Pool Liner Factory Outlet in a variety of patterns and colors, for you or the professional of your choice to install.

A professional installer will drain the pool (you can save time by doing this yourself), remove the old liner and perform a cleaning of the surface and all of the many other parts (lights, railings). The pool bottom will be carefully cleaned. Gaskets will be replaced. The pool is measured so that the liner fit will be right and the pool will be refilled after the installation is completed.

We recommend selecting a darker-colored liner, as it absorbs sunlight and helps keep the pool water heated. Replacing the liner can be expensive (up to $4,000) so the DIY crowd might like to tackle the chore, but it is complex and labor-intensive. A professional can probably do the job in half the time it might take an avid amateur, but, again, the cost will be higher.

The least expensive option is, of course, careful maintenance of chemical levels so as to extend the life of the vinyl pool liner. When it comes to replacement, however, shop at www.poollinerfactoryoutlet.com.