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When to Replace Vinyl Pool Liners

Your vinyl pool liner should give you a number of serviceable years – eight, 10, 12. That assumes proper maintenance and care.

At some point, however, the liner will need replacing. This is not an inexpensive job, nor one to be undertaken lightly by the inspired do-it-yourself type.

Sometimes the signs of wear are simply the vinyl pool liner crying out for cleaning and a little TLC. But after a number of years, the effects of sun, acidic rain and pool chemicals will lead to the inevitable deterioration and a loss of resilience

What should you be looking out for?

Careful inspection of the pool liner will reveal tears, cracks and wrinkles. The liner may also have lost its luster. Most pool liners are fairly durable, but they are still subject to this sort of damage. Check around the skimmer and the pump – loose fittings are a bad sign here. Leaks are also an indication the liner may need replacing. If you are adding more than one inch of water per week, you have a leak.

Remember, certain types of staining may only be a result of algae or plant materials having got into the pool to discolor the lining. Attempt a thorough cleaning before taking the step of replacing the liner, which could cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 for an L-shaped or kidney-shaped pool. A qualified inspector can help you make the right determination for your pool and your vinyl pool liner.

Pool Liner Factory Outlet carries a full line of vinyl replacements. A change of liner will give the pool a fresh, new look and bring more years of pleasure and enjoyment.

Before you replace, inspect and clean. Check for cracking, loose edges, a bead out of track. But if the time has come to replace, Pool Liner Factory Outlet is your answer.