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Safety Covers


Pool Liner Factory Outlet is a leading provider of safety covers in New Jersey. We feel it is our job to keep all pools safe from different types of  elements.  We carry three brands including Meyco Pool Covers, Yard Guard and Hinsperger Poly Industries (HPI). Pool Liner Factory Outlet specializes in three qualities when it comes to safety covers including:


Safety is a key element that all pool owners have to consider especially those with children and pets. You do not want someone to accidentally to run into the pool and get injured just because you did not have a safety cover. The safety covers from Pool Liner Factory Outlet is a great way to keep your loved ones safe from an accident involving falling into the pool.


The safety covers from Meyco Pool Covers, Yard Guard and Hinsperger Poly Industries we provide are made of the finest material available including polypropylene fabric which is durable so you will not have to replace your pool covers every few years.


We know that pools come in all different shapes and sizes and therefore we want to be able to cover every pool. We want to make sure our customers are happy so we will work with you so the safety cover will be perfect for your pool.




Over the years, the type of products and materials used have changed in order to keep up with our customers’ requests and market conditions. Yard Guard uses the best materials to produce a wide range of covers for all type of pools and customer needs.

Untitled-4Meyco Pool Covers received a swimming pool cover patent in 1960 so we have over 45 years experience with protecting your pool. We use the best polypropylene fabric and each pool cover is designed with deep channeled abrasions strips for cover wear protection.


From 1976 on, Hinspergers Poly Industries has been supplying a huge range of protective covers made from woven and extrusion coated polyethylene. Hinspergers saw a need for pool covers and therefore took the initiative to help pool owners protect their pools.